All change please…

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time or inclination to publish anything here. I was meant to be musing on my journey into the Catholic Church, but somehow that hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully at some point I’ll have more leisure to go back and reflect.

For the moment, though, life has become incredibly busy. I’m going to be doing all the stressful things in life pretty much simultaneously – having a baby, moving halfway across the country and my husband will be starting a new career, all this summer, so it’s going to be an exciting (if bumpy) ride.

I’m so glad to be finally moving away from London. I’ve never liked living in a city, and we seem to spend a lot of our weekends driving out of it for hours in order to go walking, climbing and camping. Now we’ll have the countryside on our doorstep (almost literally), and we won’t be bringing up a small child in London. I grew up in the countryside, and I am so glad to be moving back (albeit a few degrees further north).

Before my Confirmation I was told by a Priest to stop trying to take control of my life and listen to God’s will. Well, I don’t know how well I’m doing that yet, but certainly a lot of things seem to have happened in a relatively short space of time, so who knows?

Whatever the case might be, your prayers over the summer would be much appreciated as we set off on a new stage of life with everything changing. Here goes…


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